Finding my path with peanut butter grilled cheese

Peanut Butter Grilled Cheese

Have you ever started to feel like you’ve lost yourself, or maybe you are unclear as to how to find yourself?

I’m going through something. It’s not something I feel that I can explain, because it’s kind of like a word cloud jumble in my head.

What should one do when this happens?


Take a step back.

Look through a new lens.

Don’t make any decisions.

I’m asking because I honestly don’t know.

But I did learn today while watching Nancy Drew, that grilled cheese and peanut butter is a thing. How did I not know about this sandwich combo?

I’m not going to lie, this sounded gross at first but then I thought about the flavors and now I’m wondering. So friends, tonight for dinner it’s happening. Sure the kids can have regular grilled cheese, but you’ll be hearing from me later on this.

Update: SOOOO DELICIOUS! Try it!