Feeling better about Wilco

Most of you know that Wilco has an album coming out on May 15th. The album will be titled “Sky Blue Sky” and this is the cover art. When I bought “A Ghost is Born” I wasn’t very impressed. It just didn’t get me moving either physically or emotionally. And […]


March 29th you’ll be able to buy Laura Veir’s new album “Saltbreakers.” I have been listening to “Don’t Lose Yourself,” “Saltbreaker” and “Wandering Kind” and I have to say I recommend the album. But how can you not love a woman who has the acoustic talents of Laura and such […]

Odd Thomas

In addition to being a music fiend, I also LOVE to read. And yesterday I finished a great book; another Dean Koontz pick called “Forever Odd.” Odd Thomas is the name of the main character and he can see dead people. Laugh if you must, but this is not as […]

Jeff Han, you rock!

This is just so cool! Jeff Han’s company “Perceptive Pixel” has been working on the world’s most innovative touch panel. You know how there are touch screen monitors, most often found in kiosks? Well. This isn’t just your ordinary touch screen. Watch this video to get the complete touch panel […]

Periodic Table

Even when I was majoring in Neuroscience at UD I just couldn’t pass chemistry. (Which is why I’m now a web developer =o) I could ace biology and physiology and even now I can tell you so many things about the way the brain function it would keep you asleep […]

Such a pretty name

If I could change my name, I would want to change it to Lavendar Diamond. Well, okay, probably not, but it’s a pretty name isn’t it? I know you think I’m good enough to come up with it on my own. But I’m not. And of course you can take […]

Straight from PA

I know I live in Delaware, but can I call “Illinois” a local band if they are from Bucks County, PA? Their website leaves much to be desired, but that is probably because (like most new bands) they’re counting on MySpace for all of their up and coming stardom. “What […]