Monday’s Lyrics

Not just a snippet. WAKING ASHLAND“Hands On Deck” All hands on deckDon’t abandon the shipYou’ll never know what it could have beenAll hands on deck my ship is sinkingDon’t let me go, don’t let me drown A step to the right to your own rhythmAnd what comes next is up […]

Breathe it in

I have had a cinnamon candle lit today. One that I was given for Christmas. I absolutely love it. This smell is so comforting to me. I’m not sure why. But whatever works right? Ready for your lyrical snippet? Oh come on, you can’t be tired of them yet. The […]

As requested

The jukebox is currently being updated so any music listening at this precise moment will be interrupted. It has been requested by an anonymous commentor that I freshen up the music flow and so I am. Subscribe to Bring Me Up: The Sound by Email Add to Technorati

Two snippets in one day

Ladies and gentlemen…clap your hands for Rosie Thomas. He took me to the hillsideHe liked to take me thereHe took me every SaturdayHe put flowers in my hair And we laughed like my mother said she once didWith my father on his birthdayWhen they went swimmingAnd he took her hand […]

My ears are happy

My feet are moving and my heart is lighter. Why? I’ll tell you why. Dar Williams. *sigh* A musical and lyrical genius. Keyboards, guitars, MANDOLINS and such an amazing voice. I might have to cross to the other side and marry this girl. Song of the moment: “Farewell to the […]

Bah and Meck and Cashmere

Oh you know I say “bah” all the time. And it’s not a sheep sound, it’s like the “bah” in “bah humbug.” And meck, well, meck is a cross between “meh” and “heck.” So. Bah! and Meck! I’m tired. Braeden has a pretty wicked cold and an ear infection. Which […]

Crooked Fingers

Oh don’t pretend you don’t have crooked fingers. We all do. But not, really, “Crooked Fingers” is a band I have come to enjoy. And right now I am listening to their song “Twilight Creeps” which I find quite lovely. You will hear a trumpet, it will make you feel […]