Early morning jam session

My co-worker Adam and I are jamming this morning. Turntable.fm doesn’t exist anymore but that doesn’t mean we can’t be our own office DJs. Up in my queue right now. Kids by MGMT Next Up in my queue Modest Mouse – Lampshades on Fire Last played by Adam David Bowie […]

Oh for you, I’d lose it all – Budapest

This is going to seem like an odd start, but I’m a co-chair for the Christina School District Referendum Steering Committee along with the lovely Ms. Central West. She is a Grandma to students at Stubbs Elementary. I am a parents of three kiddos, two of which are at Keene […]

Gavin Degraw teaming up with NEEDTOBREATHE

NEEDTOBREATHE is preparing for their Australian tour and those lucky aussies will be hearing some new music from the hot, hot band. They recently teamed up with Gavin DeGraw on a brand new version of “Brother.” They said, “It’s always inspiring to work with great artists, and Gavin’s additions to […]

Radio Birds

Hahaha ever hear an angry Rod Stewart who spent a little too much time smoking? No? Okay, okay listen to this… Radio Birds – Colin Dean (drums), Jaz Dixon (guitar), Justin Keller (vocals and guitar), and Chase Lamondo (vocals and bass) Love the beat, makes my toes tap, but I’m […]

Balanced on Barbed Wire

Every now and then while Lyal Strickland is singing I hear a bit of Sister Hazel’s Ken Block. Oh how I love Ken Block. I love Sister Hazel. I could very much like Lyal Strickland I think, ahaha. Strickland’s new album, Balanced on Barbed Wire, available February 17th, is a […]